Inside this website, patrons can view workshops in an organized and easy access library. Use above login. If you are not a member of EnjoyingArt, come to view and choose the benefits and rewards you may like.

The videos I produced for my YouTube channel include technique demonstrations and painting processes along with other aspects. My mission is to create an informative, enjoyable and relaxing learning community. If you are not a patron, stay and learn with me. Be my supporter, Join Us now. -

Do you want to learn how to draw and paint? Do you want to know why different techniques are used to make distinctive works of art? You're in the right place! You will find my instructional videos to be fun and entertaining. They are made for you who has an interest in art, who may enjoy art, or just want to learn. Is this you? As a full-time art professor, I have learned what it takes to teach different levels of students the appreciation of art and the techniques necessary to create art. I can teach you! Each month there will be new videos for you to enjoy and follow along to continue your education. Join to become part of our community today.

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