Suggesting Materials for Watercolor

Watercolor Paints

Professional Watercolor paints: Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow, and Prussian Blue.For the paints, Beginners and professional artist alike, I suggest the Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor Tubes: Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow, Prussian Blue. If you like to add other colors to your set is totally up to you.

Black Traditional Chinese Ink for painting and calligraphy.

Watercolor Paper

Strathmore Serie 400 Cold Press Watercolor paper padFor beginner watercolor learners (like in my watercolor 1 classes), I suggest two pads of Strathmore Serie 400, Cold Press, Watercolor paper pad 9" x 12”. For more dedicated watercolor artists, I would suggest the Arches Watercolor Paper, Cold Press, 140 lb, 22"x30".

Holbein Multimedia watercolor book to use for watercolor pen brushes.

Watercolor Brushes

Short handle Sable Round Watercolor BrushYasutomo Flat Hake Brush for watercolor1-inch Yasutomo Flat Hake Brush, Robert Simmons filbert brush good for small lifting for lines, and a #12 Sable Round Watercolor Brush. For beginner students I recommend a #12 Raphaël Kaërell Synthetic Sable for Watercolor.

Watercolor Palette and Medium

18-Wells Airtight Watercolor PaletteFor Watercolor palette, I recommend an 18-Wells Airtight Watercolor Palette for my students. It is compact and has lots of space for mixing colors.

For masking areas you can use Winsor & Newton masking fluid. To pickup masking fluid after dried, use Crepe Rubber Cement Pickup.

Watercolor Pen Brushes

fixatives for drawingsUS Art Factory Watercolor Markers – Brush pens with Soft, Flexible Tip. Include 20 Vibrant Color Brushes For Painting & Lettering, plus a BONUS Watercolor Paper Pad and E-book.
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Also add pencil extenders to your cart to avoid shipping fee.

Suggesting Materials for Drawing

Charcoal Drawing Tools

Charcoal Drawing ToolsGeneral's Charcoal Pencils: Pencil Kit (Set of 5), HB, 2B, 4B, 6B.
Compressed Charcoal Sticks: General's brand
Vine Charcoal: Medium, Soft, Extra Soft.
Kneaded Eraser: General's or Prismacolor
Blending Tool: blending stump
Knife for sharpen: Blade Knife, Replacement Blades

Graphite Drawing Tools

Graphite drawing toolsGraphite Pencil: Assorted Set of 6, or Set of 12
Kneaded Eraser: General's or Prismacolor
Factis Magic Black Eraser: General's
Dust-Free Vinyl Eraser: Faber-Castell
Blending Tool: blending stump
Knife for sharpen: Blade Knife, Replacement Blades

Spray Fixatives for Artwork

fixatives for drawingsYou should spray your fixative several light coats for best results.
For Pencils & Charcoals:
Delacroix Spray Fixative for Pencils & Charcoals
For Oil Pastel:
Sennelier D'Artigny Fixative for Oil Pastel
For Soft Pastel:
Sennelier Latour Spray Fixative for Soft Pastels

Papers for Graphite and Charcoal Drawing

paper for graphite and charcoal drawingDrawing paper pad for graphite and charcoal drawing:
Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Paper Pads
Strathmore 500 Series Charcoal Pads