Watch tutorial video on how to prepare and use these two brushes.

This calligraphy brush, made from high quality white cloud goat hair with extra strength, is handmade by a Chinese professional brush-maker. The brush length, including the handle and hair, is 10.25 inches. The flat brush width is 1 inch. Price for this pair EnjoyingArt brushes is $22 ($16 for a calligraphy brush only). You can change the quantity after you click the "Buy Now", and the shipping and handling fee will be added to the cost in the following screen (within the Continental United States is $8, outside the Continental US is $18 via USPS).

IMPORTANT - You must follow the directions in the tutorial video to prepare and use your brushes.

Within the Continental US
* Canada

* For the areas outside the Continental US, Canada is our shippable place at this current time. Our offers may be changed in the near future. Orders from other countries will be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.