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how to paint a blending broke for 2 colors in one brush stroke.

Sideway Stroke with Multiple Colors

(View info on brushes) Using my calligraphy brush with a medium amount of water, I first take some yellow color up to the middle part of the brush, and then take some red only with the tip. I lay the brush at about a 10-degree angle from the paper’s surface, and move it slowly down the paper. A beautiful array of colors--from red, to orange, to yellow--is created with only one stroke.

Use blending colors to paint a yellow rose
Use blending colors to paint a yellow rose

Using the Sideway Stroke to Paint a Yellow Rose

Now, let’s use a yellow rose to demonstrate this technique. I use my wet calligraphy brush with yellow about one-third from the tip. Let’s start from the inner part of the petals. I lay my brush about 10 degrees from the paper surface and move it slowly. If I add some red color to the brush tip now, it will be added into the mix on the paper, which will in turn create a smooth transition.

Remember, the darker color is in the tip. I lay my brush in order move it in a direction that lays the darker color closer to the center of the petals.

Now I am ready to paint the outside edge. With a moderate amount of water, I take a bit of red with the tip of the brush. With that same angle to the paper surface, I go along the petals, but this time with the darker color being laid on the outer edge.

With this sideway stroke technique, I have completed the preliminary wash of this flower painting.